Hanjin Engineering & Construction has furthered its business based on trustworthy construction and accurate technology at home and abroad for the past 34 years.

The company has been highly recognized by customers and various countries for advanced production facilities and infrastructure in various sectors covering plants, power generators and other construction areas emerging as an unrivaled excellent service provider that produces strong customer satisfaction in the accurate high-quality machinery industry.

Hanjin Engineering & Construction stands its ground with a firm belief that knows anything is possible like a pine tree that has such powerful vitality that it maintains its position under any barren circumstances by making success in the face of difficulty with indomitable determination.

Hanjin Engineering & Construction will take the initiative in enhancing national prestige by giving a deep thought into how to further trust from customers always and demonstrate unconditional dedication for co-prosperity with customers on the world stage.

We can do it. We will do whatever we can to be a success. Anything is possible.

Hanjin Engineering & Construction devotes itself to transformation from something impossible to something possible.
Thank you!